Master Class “Painting with the right side of the brain” with an Award Winning painter Elena Goubar, Switzerland. | Contemporary portraits, figurative art work by artist Gaya Kairos.

Master Class “Painting with the right side of the brain” with an Award Winning painter Elena Goubar, Switzerland.

January 9, 2016

Art Gaya is organizing a unique Master Class “Painting with the right side of the brain”

with an Award Winning painter Elena Goubar (Switzerland) in Toronto on January 22-24, 2016.

A unique 3 day intensive Master Class with an Award winning painter, who developed her own technique that unleashes creative vision and gives confidence to students of all levels. This is an opportunity for adult students from beginners to advanced to learn a technique developed by an internationally acclaimed artist, poetess and a Teacher of an immense talent and a prolific career, Elena Goubar.


Elena Goubar is a practicing artist and is collected internationally. She has been exhibiting widely from 1990 and had solo shows in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, and USA. Most recently, in November 2015 Elena showcased her work at the historic “The Grand Palais” in Paris and earlier, in October 2015, Elena was awarded a prestigious Grand Prix at the Parisian Centre of Pierre Cardin (”Espace Pierre Cardin”, Paris) after having a group exhibition there.


Articles on Elena Goubar’s work appeared in various publications throughout the world as well as a program featuring her art came out on Russian television.


In the beginning of her career as an artist, Elena owned an Art School, where she also taught painting. Lately Elena travels to various countries by invitation only where she teaches the special technique that she developed, combining the elements of classical painting with elements of intuitive painting. Elena has taught these special workshops in Italy, China, Russia, USA.


This technique opens up limitless possibilities even for a beginner painter, as the "amateurism" is almost completely hidden by it. For a more seasoned artist it allows to tap into the more free flowing process that is pleasurable for execution as it connects to subconscious and is close to meditation and is therapeutic in nature.


It also gives an infinite number of topics to anyone who learns it. The results are very decorative, modern, yet easily combined with the classic painting.


Elena’s students, including the beginners have often sold their work right after creating it!


Spaces are limited, as Elena needs to spend time with each participant one on one, please contact me via email to reserve the spot.




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