Cerebral Arts Inc. featuring my painting in their magazine dedicated to mental health. | Contemporary portraits, figurative art work by artist Gaya Kairos.

Cerebral Arts Inc. featuring my painting in their magazine dedicated to mental health.

April 27, 2016

Thank you "Cerebral Arts Inc.# for featuring my piece "In the sea of love ( where everyone would like to drown)" in your upcoming issue.




Cerebral Arts will be also throwing art/ music and spoken word bash on May 20 @ Smiling Buddha

at 961 College St www.thesmilingbuddha.ca, Toronto to help raise awareness about Mental Health/ Mental Illness where I was given an opportunity to show some of my art as well courtesy of the magazine.

I am honoured to participate and acknowledge this uneasy subject matter. The way I see this very complex issue- we might not have the power or knowledge to heal those afflicted, but we can try to be there more for them.


Members of family of people who suffer from mental illness are also the ones who have an enormous emotional and sometimes financial weight on their shoulders. They are the ones who also become involuntary victims of it. Trying to be there for them even if it is in a form of listening might elevate their burden at least emotionally.


Many of our physical problems stem from misdirected emotions. Reach out to someone. Find a joyful moment, even if brief.. 17 seconds to the next 17 seconds to the next 17 seconds. Extend it, if you can. Meditate. Go to be with nature. Ask for help.

Be well!



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