Gone to a loving home | Contemporary portraits, figurative art work by artist Gaya Kairos.

Gone to a loving home

June 15, 2016

A poem by By Mr. Xun F. Shi

a Collector who purchased "The Gifts of the night"


   Today is my birthday

   Since I know
   I know she is my mother
   Until yesterday
   I know her maiden day


   Gaya told me
   She painted her maiden day


   A naked girl
   beauty in eye of God
   a wide white breast
   with two high mountains
   There are two red heads
   and in preparation for foods
   of both love and health


   In her two hands
   Right a gemstone
   left a strong fish
   And in my eye
   all maidens are the same
   They are preparing to be mother
   As helper of God
   they create human
   generation by generation


   I believe
   the Holy Spirit is a mother
   is God the mother
   Through her
   God the father
   creates God the son


   Her story
   is a story of all maidens
   ready to be a mother



This was a very personal painting for me and having another person to connect to it has even a bigger meaning for me. Thank you By Mr. Xun F. Shi for a beautiful poem and I hope you enjoy it for the years to come!


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